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About Elizabeth

Little Lambs was founded by Elizabeth, who after 11 years of teaching in the primary classroom was seeking a new challenge. Little Lambs classes are carefully prepared with learning objectives in mind but more importantly with fun and enjoyment at the forefront. If children are happy, they are open to learning.

Elizabeth has always been heavily involved in the arts and is an accomplished piano player as well as singing in a small performing a Capella vocal harmony group. Elizabeth, along with another teacher, also leads a large community choir in based Swansea.

Elizabeth lives in Swansea with her husband and two young boys, and fully appreciates the need for quality classes that adults can enjoy with their little ones.

About Little Lambs

Little Lambs are play-based classes for babies, toddlers and nursery aged children. Little Lambs are ‘stay and play’ sessions; come and enjoy some quality time with your little one. Each week there will be a different theme and there will be plenty of hands-on, sensory messy activities. Let’s face it..things we sometimes can’t face doing in our own houses with all the will in the world!

Little Lambs classes are an immersive phonic based approach, as we know that a good phonic knowledge is the pre-cursor to speech, reading and writing. Your little one will have opportunities to develop literacy and numeracy skills at their level, as well as developing their thinking and creative skills.

Little Lambs classes encompass a range of experiences; singing, using actions, movement and music, use of props, counting, messy / sensory play, role play and general good old fashioned play.

Each week is different, and there is time in each class for adults and children to enjoy a refreshment and enjoy some social time. Classes are kept small and intimate. We look forward to welcoming you!

  • Fully Enhanced DBS checked,
  • BA (hons) degree in Primary Education QTS.
Members Of Early Years Wales